Set Wunderschöner Set, besteht aus Kinderwagenkette, Greifring und Schnullerkette, aus Naturholzkugeln (unbehandelt) in total schönen zarten Farben. Manche Holzkugeln sind mit speichelfester Farbe von Hand bemalt. Die Kinderwagenkette kann man mit einem Holzclip und einer Schlaufe ganz einfach

Set Beautiful set, consists of stroller necklace, gripping ring and pacifier necklace, made of natural wood balls (untreated) in totally beautiful delicate colors. Some wooden balls are hand painted with saliva paint. The pram chain can be easily attached with a wooden clip and a loop. On request, I also make the set in other colors lengths and figures With different crochet beads and clips. Safety   The baby accessories contain swallow small parts and are therefore only to be used under supervision. Check the baby accessories carefully before each use and dispose of the products immediately in the event of the first defects or damage. Never extend or modify the baby accessories independently or attach them to cords, ribbons, straps or loose parts of the clothes. Your child can strangle himself with it. Never leave your child unattended with the baby accessories. Do not use them if the child is alone in the barn, the cot or the cradle.   I hereby expressly point out that I assume no liability for any kind of risk arising in connection with improper use of the articles. All possible accidents (strangle, swallowing, suffocation, etc.) can be avoided by exercising the supervisory duty of the guardians. The materials used comply with the pollutant requirements for toys in accordance with EN 71-3:2013 + A1:2014 and are ... ... sweat-resistant and saliva-resistant as well as pollutant-free and food-safe. ... colour-proof and durable. ... rust-and nickel-free. ... tear-proof.   The natural material wood is more affected by wear and tear than products made from other materials. Through daily use, the attachment clip can lend out. To reduce this, it is best to attach it to thin fabric. When these points are heeded, their purchased baby accessories remain beautiful for a long time. Excited clips and worn wooden elements are therefore not a reason for complaint.   Care   For cleaning, you can use a damp cloth or warm water with soap or special baby cleaners. Rinse the baby accessories thoroughly with clear water after cleaning. Never use spicy detergents or disinfectants. The wood products are not suitable for washing machines or washing machines or sterilizers.