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Meet Elemeno! (LMNO) Elemeno is Big! I designed this in colors that are unisex so I wanted the name to also be unisex. This can be a girl or a boy, but it is big! My example is almost 30"! ***update: after a few requests I have included a "cheat sheet" to give detailed instructions on each increasing and decreasing round. Use the cheat sheet if you need to let you know the exact numbers/details on increasing/decreasing. PLEASE READ This pattern is for at least Intermediate to ADVANCED Amigurumi style crocheters. It is an abbreviated CHART pattern. I give you all the body parts in chart/number/round form so that your Elephant will end up the same size with the same dimensions as Elemeno. You also get all the photos in the pattern for reference. I do have lots of tips and tricks and show you where/what round I have everything placed. This is a 12-page PDF with pictures and also a link to my video tutorial on how to do the ears. If you have amigurumi knowledge and know how to work in the round - ex. 6,12,18,24 etc with increases and decreases you won't have any trouble. This is probably not a beginner level pattern, although if you know how to work in the round maybe. This is a big animal! But, with crochet you can custom this to make any color and make he a she and make a completely different elephant - think pink, white, blue etc. What a great nursery gift! I would love to see your elephants made from this pattern so please tag me on IG @theburgundybasket This and all my patterns use US CROCHET TERMS. You may make and sell products from my patterns, but please do me the kindness of linking back to my pattern and mentioning The Burgundy Basket with links where applicable to all the photos you put online. I use the standard crochet stitches in my patterns. Here are my most used stitches and most of what you will find in my patterns: Stitch Glossary: Chain: Ch Single Crochet: SC Inc Sc: make two single crochet stitches in the same stitch as indicated Invisible Decrease: inv. dec. – this is an invisible single crochet decrease Hdc: Half double crochet Dc: double crochet Tr: treble crochet Slip Stitch: sl st FO: finish off This pattern also uses a Picot: chain 3 and then slip stitch back into the first chain of the chain 3. Interested in any of my other Farm Series patterns? I have them all right here on Etsy. I have Digger the Donkey Ginger the Goat Cocoa the Cow Butterbean the Bunny and her baby, Clover Lambert the Llama Puff and Polly Chickens Peaches the Pig Dixie the Duck Barley the Beagle I also have bundles to save you money. I am here all to help and support you in any way I can after you download my pattern. Due to the nature of PDF and it being an Instant Download I cant refund your fee -which I’ve kept low - but am here to assist if you need. Please let me know if you find any errors or have any trouble.