Loxodonta & Elephas the african flower elephants Crochet pattern by Annisea

Pattern available in both English and Dutch.  Patroon verkrijgbaar in zowel Nederlands als Engels. Loxodonta and her big brother Elephas are two elephants made of african flowers. The pattern includes photo’s and written instructions on how to make the flowers and how to join the flowers together to make your elephant. Meterage & sizes:  The size of your elephant depends on the yarn you use.  To estimate your personal yardage, I advise you to make a flower hexagon, and weigh that after each round. Multiply the amounts by 39 as an estimate of what you will need for the finished elephant. Multiply the amount of the last round by 42 to account for the joining stitches.  Use a crochet hook that is one size smaller than your yarn label advises. As a guide  Loxodonta is made using appr 140 grams (435 m) of sport weight yarn. She is 20 cm high, 30 cm long, and 15 cm wide.  Elephas is made using appr 400 grams (660 m) of aran weight yarn. He is 28 cm high, 53 cm long, and 23 cm wide   See more See less